Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carnal Security...I HATE that!

Hey everybody! How are you doing? How's the weather back there in Utah/wherever you may be? Let me just start out by telling you we got a MASSIVE storm on Wednesday! It started early in the morning while Sister Child and I were running and just kept dumping all day. Probably the closest thing to a white-out I've ever seen. We received a text in the middle of study from the assistants that we were not to leave our apartment all day on Wednesday unless it was absolutely necessary. So that was interesting. We did our weekly planning, detox cleaning of the apartment for the end of the transfer, and lots of extra studying in the scriptures. It is definitely not something we are used to as missionaries to just be sitting inside all day but we made the best use of our time as we could and Sister Child made an amazing lunch for all of us. :) When we went out on Thursday, there was so much snow! We spent half an hour just digging our car out and helping some other people in the parking lot. Then we borrowed some snow shovels from the church and went around to our investigators and members and shoveled for hours upon hours...literally. My back and arms were pretty sore the next day.
So yeah, transfers are again tomorrow and both Hermana Evens and I are staying in Morristown. It will be interesting to see how we go about tackling the issue of teaching houses full of single men but I know that we can work so many miracles here in this next transfer. I'm excited to see what it brings. And we'll be getting a newbie in the apartment again because Sister Child is training! Haha, this will be exciting. I have lived with Sister Child my whole mission so far...I wonder how long that will last? :)
Morristown continues to be an amazing area to work in with miracles every day. I am loving working with Hermana Evens and we are really energized to get things going here this next transfer. We got a baptismal date set with Saqueo, this 19-yr old kid I think I already told you about. He just needs to come to church now. About a week and a half ago, we heard from a member who always takes one of our investigators to church (Isabel) that Isabel didn't want to come to church anymore. Isabel has been investigating the church since July but she has had this doubt about already being baptized in when she was a baby. We have had 3 baptismal dates set for her this transfer and had to keep changing them. We have gone through every lesson/demonstration in the book to try to help her to really gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel so that she will know that she needs to do this. Anyway, when I heard she didn't want to come to church anymore, I basically wanted to cry. But then, another sister missionary was with me, Sister Dennis, and she told me that a similar thing had happened to her. She said, "Just keep praying. You have done everything you can and the Lord knows what He's doing and she has her agency. This work is too important for the Lord...nothing you do can ruin it." So Hermana Evens and I did that. We finally got the chance to see Isabel and talk to her on Thursday night and turns out she does still want to come to church, she just didn't explain herself fully to Hna Cariello. Apparently, life with her family back in Ecuador has been crazy and this whole long story but it all comes down to the fact that she told her sister that she feels closer to God when she goes to church with us than she ever felt growing up, and she wants to keep coming. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He is watching over and guiding this work. I was so grateful for the ways in which he leads us each and every day here.
That about sums up my week, I suppose...zone meeting, snow, snow shoveling, zone conference, Valentine's treats, and blessings from the Lord through it all. Thank you for your continued love and support. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day. Thank you for the package, Mom! I miss all of you tons, but I love you more!
Hermana Jackson

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