Monday, March 29, 2010

One of the cool kids! :)

Buenos dias! Como estan? Last night at about 11:50pm we got the transfer call and...Hna Evens is getting transferred out and I'm staying. Lots of mixed feelings right now...going on 4 transfers here...I never thought back at Thanksgiving when I joked with Hna Andrews that I would be in Morristown for my birthday that it would actually come true! Haha. But yeah, Hna Evens is really sad. We went to IHOP this morning as an apartment to celebrate our time together. Sister Child isn't getting transferred either so we have still lived together my entire mission so far! I have a guess as to who my next companion will be, considering there are only 2 other Spanish sisters getting transferred (there are only 7 Spanish sisters in the whole mission), but I won't say. We'll just wait and see it out. I'm really excited I get to stay though because we have so many investigators right on the brink of baptism! Let's see if Heavenly Father will bless us to pull these through. It's been a pretty tough area up to now but it's one of the more expensive Spanish areas so the people are complete work-aholics but we are knocking those barriers one by one. :) Miguel and Darwin are still progressing beautifully. Miguel won't let us set him with a baptismal date yet but I think he'll be the type of guy where when he decides to get baptized, it will be basically a "next day" type of deal, so we're not too worried about that. He knows where we're headed. :)
This week had weather that was just bouncing around lots. We were walking down the street one day and saw one of our investigator's kids so we started talking to him and all his friends came up and showed us their bike tricks and everything...and then we got in the cool club, apparently, because they started letting us pick out which of their SillyBands we wanted. Whoa. :) SillyBands are these things that are way big out here that are colorful rubberbands that hold the shape of any number of things like cars, dolphins, flowers, and anteaters. Are they big out west? I swear, these are like the Pokemon cards of the new generation. Anyway, that was kind of fun. Then we offerred that the next time we were in the area and the ice cream man drove by, we would get them some ice cream (considering Ice Cream Man Sam is our friend and always hooks us up if he sees us wandering around :)
We had some major break-throughs this week with eternigators/inactive members. This branch here in Morristown is filled with eternigators who have been coming to church steadily for years but can't get baptized, usually because of marriage/legality issues to their home country. So we usually just visit them as if they're members and ask them every once-in-a-while how their papers are coming along. Last week, we visited one such family. The parents are Carmen y Isdeyber, with a 9-yr-old daughter Michelle. I've probably only visited with them twice since I've been in Morristown because they live kind of far away but we went to see them on Saturday because an appointment feel through. We sat down and were talking, then Hna Evens started saying the opening prayer. I had my head bowed and this voice basically told me, "Michelle needs to get baptized. Set her with a date." I ignored it at first because I remembered that the sisters here in the past were really close to having her baptism but then something happened. But then it came again, "Set her with a date. She's ready." So Hna Evens finished the prayer and I looked at Carmen and Isdeyber and just opened my mouth and said, "So, we wanted to talk to you about Michelle getting baptized..." and the discussion went from there and before we were out of that door, Michelle had set herself a baptismal date for May 1. I love the spirit! We had NO IDEA before we walked into that lesson what we were going to teach them but we were led in what to do.
So I wonder what another transfer in Morristown will hold? I am really excited to see. I love this place. We have been teaching so many little men for so long now, I was almost positive the area was preparing to get elders in here, but I guess not. Like it says in Helaman 3:7 "And there being but little timber upon the face of the land, nevertheless the people who went forth became exceedingly expert in the working of cement; therefore they did build houses of cement, in the which they did dwell." This has been the theme for my time here in Morristown. There are few women to teach (as of right now, at least... :) but we are going forth and becoming experts in working with and teaching men. Haha, work with what you have, I guess. But the miracles we've been seeing from it are amazing and will only get better the more we put our trust in the Lord.
I hope everyone is doing well. I pray for you every day and know the Lord is blessing you in more ways than you can see. Have a wonderful weekend watching/attending General Conference. We'll be having a potluck between sessions with our branch out here! :) I am so excited for this chance we get to hear the prophet of the Lord speak to us and for the chance to bring my investigators to hear as well. Pray that they can come and feel of the Spirit to know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God. Take care this week. I will obviously be thinking of all of you and of Anthony as we approach his birthday. I miss you tons but I love you more!
Hermana Jackson

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