Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meagan's new motto

Hey family!

How are things going? I have gotten several dearelder.com letters from mom and a postcard from dad in England. Sounds like everyone's having a good summer. If anyone else would like to let me know how they're doing, all would be welcome... ;) and you can use dearelder.com and I get it the same day so I don't have to wait until p-day to read your letters. Haha, hint hint :)

So on Sunday, Sister Nadauld came and spoke to us for RS...they do RS here with all the sisters combined because we are usually so outnumbered...there are probably about 150 sisters here. So she spoke about comparing our bodies to temples and how none of the temples look frumpy so sister missionaries shouldn't either. It was really funny because I think the line everyone came away with remembering was "Plucking your eyebrows is like trimming the hedges of the temple." Wonderful. It is our new favorite motto. :)

My new district is working out great. We have all started to bond really well and my Spanish is progressing. The other day, we played a game called El Nativo, meaning Hermana Cochrane (one of our teachers) selected one of us to be the native and we couldn't speak English all day...guess who was selected to be the first native...yep, that's right, me! I was confined to only Spanish for about 8 hours. I actually learned a lot and it really helped....I'm going to try it more often from now on. Hermana Cochrane is so led by the spirit in her lessons and she knows so much about Spanish and the gospel. Class goes by so quickly when she's teaching. We were telling her one day that it is hard to keep practicing giving the lessons to each other because it doesn't feel real so she decided to take on the role of one of the investigators she taught on her mission and we get to teach her progressive lessons like an actual investigator. It is helping so much! Me and my comps had the chance to teach her on Saturday and after the lesson, we could tell we had really taught by the spirit. We had so much planned that we didn't end up even saying because she didn't need that. Wow, it was cool. I can't wait to be able to do that more and with more practice, we will just get better!

So guess who is in my zone? Kyle Nichols! His classroom is just a couple doors down from mine so I see him all the time. Plus we're in the same branch and have the same schedule and everything. It was really cool this morning because we all went to the temple together and it was really good to see him there. However, while I get to see Kyle all the time, I rarely ever see Matt! But I did get to see him when Ashley came by, and I saw Ashley. Hopefully I'll see him a couple more times before he takes off.

Thank you so much for the packages! I do not need any more junk food! Haha...I swear I don't eat that much at meals but I am so sick of eating. But this morning at 6am, me and my comps went to the gym to exercise. They are trying this thing out where they open the gym from 6-6:30 for just sisters to exercise and other stuff. So we went and I played volleyball with some girls while H. Andersen and Cornish ran laps around the track. It was nice...they played "worldly music" during that half hour...and by worldly I mean Disney music from Aladdin and Hercules. :) That is about the most exciting it gets!

JENNY SPENCER! Thank you so so much for your letter and the twix bar! :) I am replying this afternoon. Best of luck to you later this week on going through the temple. I wish I could have gotten a letter to you before you go but p-day wasn't until today.

JACKIE! You rock. Thanks for the tips on pranks for the elders. I told the elders in my district that I am loaded with new ideas...none of which are against the white handbook...haha, just kidding. :) Love you!

Thanks for everything you do for me. I love you all so much. I sent a letter with pictures last week and I've got another one coming this week that maybe you could scan and put on my blog (I can't load them onto the computers at the MTC). Remember, you don't need to email out all my letters, just put them on there (and my subject title could be the title for each new post :) haha

I know that the preparation I am doing is going to bless so many people and I know that the Lord is aware of each of us and blesses us according to our needs. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that because of it's truthfulness, we can know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored Christ's church on the earth. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to hear from several of you soon. I miss you tons but I love you more!

Hermana Jackson

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